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Professor in Department of Applied Arts, Fu Jen Catholic University

Building up a local knowledge network in global flows of creative economy.

Maurice Chen
Head of Public Program Division in Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

Carefully managed brand leader on cultural and creative education with originated incubation for industries talent.

Lo, Yu-Fen
Design Director in Pinyen creative Inc

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Craft and Digital Technology Combined: YenTing Cho’s Stunning Textile Designs Make Waves on the International Stage

Taiwanese artist and designer Yen-Ting Cho, founder of YenTing Cho Studio and eponymous brand YenTing Cho, designs stylish accessories with patterns that are generated through his own interactive software. The YenTing Cho luxury scarf collection has been sold through the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) Store in New York since 2017, and was first retailed by the SFMOMA Store in San Francisco this summer!