Open to all ICID students! Welcome to Enjoy in Our New 6.5F Research Room!

Open to all ICID students! Welcome to Enjoy in Our New 6.5F Research Room!


The 6.5F research space is built as a multi-functional composite space where students can read, learn, and rest. It is a space where students can learn and share with each other, where everyone gets to find their own corner!


This multi-functional space currently has more than 20 seats; each seat is equipped with an independent power socket and sufficient lighting. Every piece of furniture and its colour was carefully selected after ICID professors and students’ back-and-forth discussions and factory visits. 


Therefore, ICID’s 6.5F space has become a “space of mind” where students can read freely and feel like staying. The overall atmosphere of the reading environment has become more comfortable, too. The lighting of the space varies throughout the day with the composition of natural lighting, projection lights, and pendant lamps; with such various lighting, students can enjoy their studying time without feeling suppressed in the environment.


This renovation project had been going on for about half a year. In addition to the original reading space, a more comfortable studying environment is provided from now on! We look forward to creating a stress-free studying space where students can find a comfortable space for themselves.


The details of the features and functions of the 6.5F research space are as follows:


Personal sofa area: Independent sofa for one with a small adjustable laptop table.

Sofa area: The built-in sofa seat, like in a cafe, is matched with a folding desk and a sliding computer chair.

Bar stool area: From the high tables and chairs, the scenery of the NCKU campus and its greeneries can be viewed when reading. The table size is custom-made for students to use laptops and tablets simultaneously.

Wooden-based sofa area: Two lazy bones were placed under the “Tree of ICID” mural painting; students who want to rest for a while can refresh and reinvigorate themselves under the shades of the tree. 

Lamps and lights: The entire space is equipped with sufficient lighting to elevate the studying atmosphere; there are scattered floor lamps, rounded wall lamps, as well as pendant lamps and projection lamps in the reading area. 


Are you also curious about the freshly launched 6.5F research space? After the official opening ceremony, feel free to come and pay a visit to this brand new space as long as you are enrolled in ICID!