【ICID Lecture】Land and Culture

Date: 11/7 (Wednesday) 10:00-12:00
Location: NCKU, ICID, 1st floor Room 5118
Topic: Land and Culture
Lecturer: Wood Wen-hao Chao (Taiwan), Founder and General Manager of Chatzutang



After Wen-hao Chao inherited the camellia craftsmanship from his father, he registered Chatzutang brand in 2006. Based on the concern of Taiwanese humanities and history, Chatzutang aims to revive cha tzu culture and worth of land. By visiting farms and farmers, they have established contract farms across Taiwan, and utilized design as backup force. This branding and marketing method reversed the impression of “local”, and guided Chatzutang to become an international agribusiness brand. Moreover, they are devoted to convey the abundant energy from the combination of land and cultural aesthetics, and the aspiration of sustainable development projects.