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ICID Students participated in London Fashion Trade Show

Author|Translator | Franklin Guo

International entrepreneurship practice and industry experience

NCKU ICID Associate Professor Yen-Ting Cho took his brand YENTING CHO Studio to London’s Saatchi Gallery to display his new London series for the first time in Scoop, a well-known international London fashion show. Cho also brought an ICID student from his team to experience International trade show exhibited in an art gallery. This year’s series theme went back to the origins of the brand. Using colorful imagery, the series brought forth people’s impression and imagination of London, England. The series reinterpreted the popular Buckingham Palace, afternoon tea culture, and the local theatre events known to most tourists.


Scoop is a well-known London International female fashion trade show. It is an exclusive show that specifically chooses contemporary forward-thinking designers and invite buyers from all over England. To maintain quality and innovation, the fashion show is incredibly difficult to apply. On top of that, to accommodate the gallery space, the floor plan of the exhibition was given only days before which challenged the exhibitors’ quick response and problem-solving.


This year’s Spring collection of Scoop is displayed in London’s famous Saatchi gallery. This influential contemporary gallery is known for finding and displaying unknown artists and pushing them towards the global art market. The Saatchi gallery has exhibited Chanel’s photography exhibition called The Little Black Jacket, teamLab’s Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Border, Marshmallow Laser Feast’s VR exhibition We live in an Ocean of Air and The Rolling Stone’s EXHIBITIONISM.


Accompanied Professor Cho to the show is ICID’s master student Shih-Lun Guo. His research topic is in digital design and also assisted in this show’s promotion design. What’s interesting about this year’s exhibition is that it was held in a gallery space, causing a clash between fashion and art works. Due to the different art pieces installed, each room has very different feels and different interactions between fashion and art objects. It is a great way for the student to experience the possibility of mixing different industries together.


For example, one space had a car hanging from the ceiling and required visitors to walk around the car to get to multiple booths. There was this excitement created by the illogical scenario of a hanging car being so close to the visitors and the fashion booths. Student Guo said mix-matching different properties of events, spaces, and objects is similar to ICID’s teaching style. ICID students come from different areas of expertise and can often generate surprising results through discussions and collaboration. This type of testing through innovation and learning from mistakes will help one’s profession and workplace in the future. This year’s show boldly put fashion with close proximity to art. The design and planning of such a show is like bringing the classroom discussions and collaborations into the workplace and seeing it happen.


The three-day exhibition proved to be fruitful as there were orders placed onsite and cooperation opportunities in the future like International printing company Ratti and leader of European social networking opinion. All of this is to hope in the future to constantly bring in the new knowledge and opportunities back to Taiwan by connecting with International industries; to push forward the students and the industries.