• PhD in Creative Industries, University of Warwick, UK (2005–2009) Awarded with Taiwan MOE Scholarship and Warwick Early Career Fellowship
  • MA in Creative and Media Enterprises, University of Warwick, UK (2000–2001)
  • BA in English with a Minor in Education, National Chengchi University, Taiwan (1992–1996)
  • Assistant. Professor/ Institute of Creative Industries Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • Early Career Research Fellow (Awarded PhD Fellowship)/ Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Warwick, UK
  • Executive Secretary/ Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan
  • Lecturer/ Dept. of Motion Pictures, National Taiwan University of Arts.
  • Integrated Marketing Manager/ the eslite bookstore, Tun-Nan Taipei
  • Marketing Director/ BOWWOW Film Productions (Public Television Service Productions)
  • Senior Account Executive/ COMPASS Public Relations Consultancy Ltd.
  • Media & PR Planner/ Miniature Museum of Taiwan.
  • International News Interpreter and Producer/ The Global TV Network, Taiwan.
  • 創產組織網絡與創意生態 Network Ecology and Organization of Creative Industries
  • 文創產業政策 Cultural Creative Industries Policy and Strategy
  • 創意媒體企業管理 Management of Creative & Media Enterprises
  • 創產城市與區域發展 Development of Creative and Content Industries
  • 比較研究 Cross-nation and Comparison Research
  • 質性研究 Qualitative Research
  • + International Journals/Books and Chapters/Reviews

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  • + Academic Translations

    仲曉玲,徐子超譯 (2004) 《文化創意產業:以契約達成藝術與商業的謀和》哈佛大學出版 繁體中譯本:臺北:典藏出版 Caves, R. E. (2000). Creative industries: Contracts between art and commerce. Harvard University Press.

  • + Conferences Papers

    Chung HL (2020) From Elasticity to Ecosystem~ The Case of the Cultural Creative Industries Policy Co-creation of the Tainan City 2020 International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR), Kyoto, Japan ,1st – 4th September 2020 (postponed)

    Chung HL (2019). Nurturing Crossing-sector Brokering Talent for the Creative Ecosystem–A Critical Dialogue between Policy and Practice in Taiwan. International Conference on   Collaboration and Competition in the Cultural and Creative Industries, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Shanghai, 21-24th Nov 2019.

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    仲曉玲(2015) 〈文化產業之人才網路研究:以兩岸影視內容合制組織為觀點之探究〉「 第十二屆中國文化產業新年論壇」一月十日, 北京: 北京大學

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  • + Projects


    • 產官學合作計畫

    仲曉玲(2018.02-2018.12) 「台南市文創產業生態升級計畫-產業調研策略規劃案」計畫主持人




    仲曉玲(2013-2014)「文化部 103 年度輔導藝文產業創新育成補助計畫」協同主持人






    台南市文創產業生態升級計畫-產業調研策略規劃案報告 (107.02.-107.12)

    南部長照產業社區化發展計畫 (105.09-105.12)

    銀髮樂齡事業策略規劃產學研究案計畫報告 (103.09-104.07)

    文化部 102 年度輔導藝文產業創新育成補助計畫報告 (101.07-102.01)

    皇尚企業文創產業策略前期發展計劃報告 (102.07.1-2.09)

    台南市文化創意產業資源調查計畫報告 (101.02.-101.09)


    • 科技部(國科會)專題研究/短期訪問補助計畫


    仲曉玲(2020-2021) 「台灣文創產業轉型創意生態之研究-台南市影視產業生態中介人才發展觀點」,計畫主持人.專題計畫編號 MOST 109-2410-H-006-014

    仲曉玲(2014-2015)「臺灣文創產業政策推動之產業網路研究:以臺灣六都經驗觀之」,計畫主持人. 專題計畫編號 MOST 103-2410-H-006 -100 -103

    仲曉玲(2013-2014) 「創意影音產業之人才網路研究: 以兩岸影視內容生產合作為觀點之探討」,計畫主持人. 專題計畫編號 NSC 102-2410-H-006 -109 -102

    仲曉玲 (2015) 國科會補助邀請國際科技人士短期訪問計畫 . 計畫主持人(104-2912-I-006518)

    仲曉玲 (2011) 國科會補助邀請國際科技人士短期訪問計畫 . 計畫主持人(100-2912-I-006-024)


    • 頂尖大學計畫






    仲曉玲 (2012)「澳洲昆士蘭科技大學-創意產業學院」國際教研交流網路,計畫主持人

    仲曉玲 (2012)「臺灣與東南亞暨南亞大學校長聯盟-印度設計學校交流參訪」計畫主持人

    仲曉玲(2012) 「第三屆創意產業設計研究所-國際創意產業日」計畫主持人