Green Summit on the table: Explore the climate change

On July 25, the Chukou Nature Center of Chiayi Forest District Office and National Cheng Kung University’s Institute of Creative Industry Design cooperated to organize the “Green Summit on the Table” eco-game course. In addition to the game activities, also lets the participants can reflect on the impact of climate change on the environment. The course uses board games to pass on environmental issues to parents and children, hoping that after the course they can establish the concept of cherishing energy and nature, then work together to create a sustainable environment for the next generation.


The combination of board games and environmental education

Board games have always been a popular recreational activity among children and adults in Taiwan because they involve training in logical thinking, strategy, or reflexes, and can promote thinking and stimulate mental activation. Associate Professor Chia-Han Yang from the Graduate Institute of Creative Industries Design, National Cheng Kung University, and his graduate students Jie Wang and Hong-Rui Wu are developing a set of board games about climate change – “Green & Greed”.


The Global Warming Summit stimulated exciting discussions.

Green & Greed” is a board game in which players have to play the role of world leaders and face various environmental problems and come up with solutions to them. Each turn, different events related to climate change will occur on the table, such as CO2 emissions, single-crop planting, etc. Players need to use “solution cards” to solve the events on the table, such as “choose public transportation”, “turn off lights when leaving”, etc. to solve the events. If the average global temperature rises to a certain level, natural disasters will occur, making it more difficult to solve the events. Participants expressed that it is not easy to solve climate change events during the game, but the reality is even more difficult, and they are willing to practice more environmentally friendly actions and contribute to the environment.


Future challenges of climate change

The threat of climate change is now a transnational event, and individual countries are no longer responsible for natural disasters or environmental problems. A healthy environment is as important as the food we eat, the water we drink, or the freedom of thought we cherish. Through this environmental education course combined with table games, it is hoped that the seeds of green will be planted in the minds of the participants and passed on to many others.


Chukou Nature Center is conveniently located at 29.5 kilometers from Alishan Highway and is rich in flora and fauna. The center continues to offer new courses for people of all ages and walks of life. We welcome people to learn from nature and enjoy learning to create sustainability.


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