Congratulations! Students of ICID Won 「Rural Up Spirit Award」of the 10th College Rural Up Competitions in 2020.

Chia-Han Yang, Associate Professor of ICID, led the team “Youth Asparagus” with 8 ICID students to join the 10th College Rural Up Competitions in 2020 held by Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, COA and won the award of “Rural Up Spirit Award”.


“Youth Asparagus”, totally with 8 members of ICID students, selected Jiang-Jun community in Taiwan Jiang-Jun district as their project community. Through interacting and communicating with the local young farmers, they not only participated in the practical works but also understood more about the needs of Taiwan asparagus industry. The students used their expertise and learning to help the community promote the application of asparagus through online storytelling marketing and offline experiencing activities. Besides, they contributed multiple solutions of circular economy to solve the problem of asparagus waste.


In this competition, in addition to exploring deeply in the rural community and collecting the feedbacks from local residents and stakeholders, the team also used design thinking and service design tools to create the new value for the local.


Team “Youth Asparagus”:

Instructor: Chia Han Yang- Associate Professor in ICID

Participants: 顏冠如Kelly、林莞婷Jess、趙韋程Willy、林湘翎Hayley、沈奕君Marina、劉聞Winson、黃筱淩Tanja、陳秉謙Chien

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