Tainan LifeWear! UNIQLO cooperate with ICID students design group, Local Gardinger, and Taiwanese cinema poster painter, Mr. Yan Jhen-fa, creating a one and only art wall

National Cheng Kung University Institute of Creative Industries Design students design group “Local Gardinger” was invited by international fashion brand Uniqlo to have a cooperation across generations with Chuan Mei Theater cinema poster artist Mr. Yan Jhen-fa. Uniqlo specially invited Local Gardinger to create a visual design to interpret the idea of “Tainan LifeWear”, and pass it on to Mr. Yan Jhen-fa to illustrate the art wall with the traditional cinema poster style. The art wall becomes the one and only check-in spot with traditional drawing skills and Tainan culture.



Local Gardinger members are Peng-Yi Tseng, Chan-Hau Wa, Ming-Lun Hsieh, Ming-Chieh Hsu and Li-Hong Wang.  They are students from ICID who won the 2021 Taiwan design award first place with the project “Snail Oasis”. For this cooperative project with Uniqlo, Local Gardinger created a design with their experiences of living in Tainan.  The core idea is “Four life styles, showing now in Tainan,” including scenes of walking, cycling, and riding motorcycles through alleys and local hotspots, like Tainan temples and other heritage sites. Moreover, the symbol of a roundabout in the design is used to represent Uniqlo’s relationship with Tainan, everyone can show one’s freedom and charms with Uniqlo LifeWear.


The project is now on show in Tainan Mitsui Outlet Park at Uniqlo’s entrance.  Other than the art wall, there are also stamps and postcards designed by Local Gardinger.  Visitors can create their memories with Tainan Uniqlo by stamping their notebooks. The newest Uniqlo is near Tainan High Speed Rail station, the project will hopefully become a well known spot for locals and travelers.





Team “Local Gardinger”:
Members: 曾芃茵Peng-Yi Tseng, 陳巧華Chan-Hau Wa,
謝明倫Ming-Lun Hsieh, 許茗捷Ming-Chieh Hsu, 王立弘Li-Hong Wang